Get Over Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse has left its devastating mark on your life, has left its dreadful energies in your body, and has left its ugly scars in your feelings. To just go on you probably energetically emptied many places in your body and could count on the numbness produced through the physical, emotional, mental injuries to help you to survive. You might have realized how holding these energies stored away to not get overwhelmed by them adds more load of stress and strain – even now in your present life.
Furthermore when you were living through the abuse, you possibly had decided many things about yourself, other people, the world and God. Under the surface these former decisions can still be active and running, and influence your authentic beingness in the now.
GET OVER SEXUAL ABUSE is dedicated to step up, to let go of the past, and to discharge the old energies, which helped you once to survive:

Thinking ~ Being ~ Feeling

Remembering, mourning and healing are important stages in letting go of living in a victim role resulting from sexual abuse. During this process a lot of friction needs to be processed. Blind spots have to be recognized and emotional damage and stored traumas need to be moved out of the different levels of our consciousness. Starr gives the experience on her website, GET OVER SEXUAL ABUSE.

For your thinking – being – and feeling use the ARTICLES and the KEYS to create vitality, wholeness, and healing in the places you are going to bring back to life; and rejuvenate.

Listen to the induction and meditation you find at PRAYERS & MEDITATIONS and allow the spoken words to work with your subconscious and unconscious mind.

In the PARTS OF CHAPTERS you find 12 points for an alive sexual activity after sexual abuse. Spend some time to look through the list of famous people who got abused, too, and did not use this heartbreaking event to hide away and be unsuccessful.

JOURNALS are a very important part of the change happening with the work you do. Use the journal templates one by one to break what shuts you down!

Go to PICK A PROCESS and you will find how amazingly deep these processes will clear out your emotional and mental basement. With incredible ease, you will let go of repressed energies and you will be able to neutralize your former triggers. In addition, the insights you gain in working through your stuff are very likely to become great fuel for your heart and mind.

Look through  GOOD QUOTES FOR THE SOUL ! They are providing new sap for our connection to life and the unfolding of our beingness. You might want to memorize one from time to time to get nourishment for your self-respect.

144 AFFIRMATIONS can shape our reality very successfully and further invite the newness of healing. Take some time and splash out into this cascade of new awareness, kindness, and integrity!

In the STORE browse through the CD’s and books and purchase the tools of wisdom you want. You will be amazed how soothing it is to listen to Starr Fuentes voice, and don’t underestimate the valuable impact it has on your subconscious mind.

In the Reading list you find ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED!

It contains a detailed list of books on sexual abuse and is structured according to user needs.

LINKS will provide access to other sites, which could be of interest for you.

Allow that the sexual abuse in your past becomes a powerful tool for transformation for your Highest Good!

June 2007

Starr Fuentes


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